Pistol and Zynovia 2: She Fell In Love With A Boss


After Pistol’s rise to street king status, he and those he loves became targets for revenge and retaliation. With the beautiful Hood Doc Zynovia on his arm, the couple had gained two enemies with the same agenda.

At the conclusion of the first installment Zynovia was left to make a decision to risk her life for her mother’s life. After putting her trust in her best friend, Bonnie, Zynovia found herself in the grasp of Pistol’s enemy, Tank.

While Zynovia is held against her will, her only means of survival is to give in to all Tanks needs and wants, while never losing hope that Pistol will come looking for her. But when her best friend convinces Pistol that Zynovia has moved on, he gives up looking for her.

With Zynovia absence, Pistol’s only focus is his unborn child and getting money. When he receives a clue as to what may have happened to Zynovia, he drops everything to find his sweet Z.

Can their relationship survive this rollercoaster of love, lies, betrayal & revenge?